Saturday, 18 June 2011

Quilting Under the Rainbow Bee - July Block

Rainbow wheel, made for Monica.  After a fiddly start (its been a while since I did any foundation piecing) it was a nice quick block to complete, but very effective!

1. Making the templates (I had some quilting paper lying around so used that, as its basically just tissue paper).  I traced them from the supplied pattern:

2. Cutting done (thank you Monica for the tips of sizes for each piece)

3. First block pieced - only three unpicks I think (did I mention it had been a while since I foundation pieced), that bottom piece, it took me ages to get the fit right.  Also, the light blue and purple were my stash donations, so I started with them just incase as I had a fair bit more in the cupboard.

4.  Halfway there!  I took a break at this stage and left it for the next day.

5.  COMPLETE!!  Yay.  Looks really nice, I can't wait for pics of the complete quilt.

Next is a couple of border pieces to go with this before I send it back to Monica.....


  1. You have done a wonderful job. I hope my points match as beautifully as yours.

  2. Wow this look great. I got started today with a sample block for myself. I think I will use them to make a quilt by the end of the Bee. I am glad I did a sample because I am going to be a paper piecing pro (Yeah right) by the end of the finished product.